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How does it work?

Step by step


Create a Plume account and get your API key.


Download Plume for your WordPress site



Install the plugin on your site


Order or Download our articles

How much?

plume credit

1€ HT

 / Plume Credit

Rédaction Humaine

Human Content

2,2€ / 100 words

  • Optimization with YourTextGuru (🇫🇷)
  • Integrated images
  • Personalized briefing

iA Content

2 Credits / Content

  • iA by TextBulker tool
  • Optimized structure
  • Top SERPs
  • Top semantic keywords
  • Multi-Language
hybride opti textbulker ytg


1 Credits / Content

  • iA by GPT4

The most difficult,

It’s that you have to buy credits, to buy your content…

… Plume ?

You choose the posts directly from your website, you click, it is published.

Simply, you no longer have to:

Find topics
Find a qualified writer
Pay for writing tools
Pay for editors
Pay for proofreaders
Publish your content
Thinking ?

Hi Plume,

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